RSGB Friendship on the Air Award


The main objective of this award is to connect radio amateurs in a friendly and non-competitive way. You will accumulate points for each qualifying QSO and through that you can gain the award, but the main purpose is to contact other people and celebrate amateur radio.


If you enter this award you must comply fully with all the local Covid-19 restrictions and advice in the area where you are operating. This includes, but is not limited to, social distancing, meeting people outside your household and travelling. Any enclosed operating space (e.g., a car) will be considered an indoor location.


This ongoing monthly and annual activity is for individuals and clubs. It is facilitated by the software and systems of the RSGB Contest Committee but it is not run as a contest. If you have any questions, please contact the Operating Awards Manager:


1.   Objective

To have QSOs with other club stations across the UK.


You will score points for each QSO where you each exchange the four-letter identifier of your club. If you’re not a club member but are a member of the RSGB, you can use the RSGB identifier “RSGB”.

Your scores will accumulate each month until the end of that calendar year.


Represent your club by activating the club call signs as much as possible.

2.   Start date

It begins on 2 April 2021 with points accumulating each calendar month through to the end of that calendar year

3.   Frequencies, modes and power

All UK allocated bands can be used in accordance with the official bandplans as published in RadCom or on the RSGB website:


Output power should be consistent with the terms of your licence.


Modes are limited to: CW and Phone, including digital voice, DMR, IRLP and EchoLink modes.


At present Network Radio and data modes are not included.


Whichever mode you choose must be capable of exchanging the four-letter club identifier.

4.   Entrants

All UK and non-UK licensed amateurs may enter and submit logs. Points will only be scored for contacts with local or national UK stations quoting the four-letter identifier for a UK amateur radio club or society.

5.   Exchange

You need to exchange your call sign, signal report and your club identifier (a four-letter code). Club identifiers are defined by the Contest Committee:


Capture the club identifiers in the Comments or Notes field of your logging program, in order for them to appear in the ‘Comment’ or ‘Note’ field in the exported ADI file. No other data should be present in this field, so if necessary, please edit the exported ADI file to remove all but the club identifier.


If you are a member of more than one club, you are not allowed to give multiple club identifiers in a single QSO.

6.   Award criteria

You will receive one point per QSO with a station giving a club identifier. You will only receive points for one contact per day with the same station i.e. if you contact the same station twice in a day using different modes or bands, it will only count as one valid contact for that day.


Upload your logs at the end of each calendar month. Your point scores will be confirmed, and this score will show whether or not you are eligible for the monthly award.


All the logs you upload will be accumulated at the end of the calendar year and your points scores will be combined. This will show if you are eligible for the annual award.

7.    Log submission and Adjudication

Go to and submit your log in ADIF format. You must do this within seven days of the end of the calendar month.  

Logs must be uploaded individually, using the entry robot. If the robot finds format errors, it will reject the log and ask for resubmission of a corrected logfile. 

For each contact, the submitted ADIF logfile must contain a minimum of the following fields:

·         Date of QSO (YYYYMMDD): <QSO_DATE:8>

·         Time of QSO (UTC, 24-hour clock) (HHMMSS): <TIME_ON:6>

·         The logging station's call sign (the callsign used over the air): <STATION_CALLSIGN:n>

·         The contacted station's call sign: <CALL:n>

·         Band: <BAND:n>

·         Mode: <MODE:n>

·         Four-letter club identifier code: <COMMENT:4> or <NOTES:4>


n = number of characters in the field. The AIDF specification format will give you further information:


If any of these fields are missing, the log is likely to be rejected by the robot.


You can submit one log that contains QSOs that have been held over a number of days. However, if you choose to upload daily logs, you will only be able to submit one log per day per call sign. If you upload a second log between 0000 and 2359 for the same call sign, the second log will overwrite the original log.


Note: you select the identifier (four-letter code) for the club you are representing from the pull-down list when you upload your log to the entry robot.


If you have difficulties preparing or uploading your logfile, please contact the adjudicator to ask for assistance, before the monthly or annual submission deadline.

8.   Results and Awards

We will process all uploaded logs and calculate points scores by matching logged QSOs. You will only score points for your QSOs if another entrant has submitted the same QSO in their log.


Awards will be issued as follows:

Monthly Award:

- All entrants with > 25 points in the calendar month

-   The club with the highest number of points

-   The highest-scoring club in each RSGB Region


Annual award:

-   All entrants with > 180 points in the calendar year 2021, and > 220 in subsequent years

-   The club with the highest number of points

-   The highest-scoring club in each RSGB Region

9.   Supplementary rules

(a)  You must log the same call signs that were exchanged over the air in your QSO

(b)  You must send your call sign in full in every QSO, and in voice modes this must be done phonetically at least once per QSO

(c)   Short Contest call signs are not to be used for this award

10. Declaration

You declare that:

(a)  Your station was operated strictly in accordance with the conditions of your licence.

(b)  You agree that decision of the RSGB Awards Manager will be final in cases of dispute over eligibility.

(c)   By submitting a log entry, you give the RSGB permission to store, process, re-process, score, amend, publish, republish, print, and otherwise distribute that entry by any means.

11. Adjudicator

An appointed member of the Contest Support Committee

12. Administrator

Operating Awards Manager